Wellness Tips to Thrive This Holiday Season

We have something exciting for you! Check out some of these TLS Tips to Thrive this holiday season. Check back soon for more tips. We plan to share 30!

1. Set realistic goals - We have something exciting for you - today kickoffs DAY 1 of our #TLS30ToThrive the Holiday season. That’s right, 30 TLS Tips in 30 days. ⠀

2. Plan out your cheat meals - During the Holidays, indulgence is around every corner. Plan out those cheat meals - plan the night, meal or item you are going to enjoy guilt-free. And, actually enjoy it guilt-free.

3. Communicate your goals

4. Learn from the past - Every year at the exact same time, the holidays come - overeating and drinking may lead to feeling guilty and to a lot of regret in January. If it’s predictable, it’s preventable. Why rinse and repeat guilt and regret? Learn from it!

5. Bring TLS friendly snacks on the go - It is amazing if you can prep healthy snacks to grab at home and on the go to work. Helps you to eat low glycemic: that means not putting all the sugary treats and snacks in your body.

6. Avoid snacks in the break room at work - A great tip for everyone working through the Holidays: try to not hang out in the snack room, bring your own healthy snack from home.