Dr. Cheryl Rising's Story

I want to share my story to wellness. From as early as I remember I loved to eat sweets and junk food. I was always on the heavier than thinner side, but not significantly over weight till I hit college. Then additional 50 pounds came on. Yes, 50 pounds. My family history was significant for strokes in individuals at 60 and high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol and heart disease. I tried every single diet and program that there is out there over the years, and as a result, was a
yo-yo. Weight off and then on several times.

I hit the jackpot in 2012. I was introduced to low glycemic eating and quality supplementation and I have reduced the weight and kept it off. Yes, kept it off within a 5-pound range.

I had always exercised, belonged to clubs to do classes and had a routine, but adding in the correct vegetable, fruits, proteins, and low glycemic eating with stress reduction and sleep hygiene, oh my it worked. My husband and I are well into our 60's and we have no type 2 diabetes, no high blood pressure, no heart disease, and no high cholesterol. Do you want to improve your wellness.

I encourage you to reach out to me, I am a Family Nurse Practitioner, with my doctorate, and specialized in healthy lifestyle since 2013. I work with individuals, groups, or organizations to bring wellness and healthy lifestyles to you.

You can pay for wellness now or you will be paying for illness later. As
for me, I want to pay for wellness now and enjoy life and not go down
the same path my family member have with illness. I am doing what I
can and I know I can help you make a difference in your life. The first
step is yours to reach out to me.

Email: crisingnp@gmail.com
Phone: 701-527-5283
Facebook: Health and Wellness by Cheryl